The Koolaman Journey

Stacey Clayton & Lisa O'Keefe - Koolaman Founders

When Koolaman Designs was born in 2007, our ambitions lay in creating a business together as sisters and making enough to buy our weekly groceries. We spent nine thoughtful months planning our beautiful little jewelry business, hoping that customers would love it as much as we did.  It was a reflection of all that we valued …family, love, timeless design, artisan craftsmanship and enduring quality.

To our utter surprise, we received a standing ovation from our customers from the very beginning and began a journey that has enriched our lives and forged lifelong friendships.

Our little business has touched thousands of people and helped them to celebrate their special moments with a bespoke token of love.  An important birthday, a graduation, a wedding or newborn gift; even a keepsake to honour someone who has passed… Koolaman has become a part of your family.

The act of giving a Koolaman design has proved to be as uplifting for the gifter as the lucky recipient; strengthening their bond. Over the years, we have watched families grow – as we hand-stamp another child’s name into an exquisite addition to their Koolaman design collection.

Our name, Koolaman was inspired by the sheep and wheat station where Lisa and her family live.  Seven years on, our brand has evolved to mean so much more… a gift experience light years removed from mass produced machine items.  

This year, we celebrate our own journey with the evolution of our name to a single word – Koolaman.  

Oh, we’ll always have a soft spot for original our pink and red look. We never lose sight of our beginnings whilst looking forward to improve and grow.

Today, we are excited to introduce our new Koolaman branding. We particularly love the hand-scripted look which captures the essence of our bespoke business.

We hope you like our new look too. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa, Stacey and the Koolaman team xx


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