AMELIA Necklace


Many cultures consider the neck to be one of the most beautiful parts of a woman. The lustrous silver seeds of the Amelia necklace glow with uncommon beauty against a woman’s skin. Larger sterling silver beads cluster at the centre of the necklace, whilst the seeds gently taper off in size to show off the beauty of her neck. Threaded on sterling silver thread – you won’t want to take Amelia off except perhaps to add a personalised Ruby or Eliza or Emma pendant. The effect is mesmerising.

  • Embellish your silver seeds with a koolaman designs unique hand-stamped sterling silver pendant to complete your necklace. Please note the clasp and additional Koolaman pendant on this necklace is worn at the back of the neck.
  • The Eliza pendant (1.4cm) fits up to 16 characters or the Ruby pendant (1.9cm) fits 21 characters around the pendant or Emma heart 2.4cm (h) x 2.0cm (w) fit s 10 characters on either side of the heart or 12 across the middle, or the Estelle 2.4cm (h) x 2.0cm (w) pendant fits up to 12 characters over 4 lines. Alternatively select another pendant from the Koolaman collection or wear it plain.
  • The Amelia necklace is a standard 46cm length
  • Created using sterling silver
  • Hand-stamping is included in the price of the pendant

Also available is the matching Amelia bracelet.


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Tricia Elliott
Review on Amelia necklace

The Amelia necklace is very beautiful & i just love it