SARAH bangle


Worn on its own or embellished with personalised pendants, the Sarah bangle is made for life’s special moments and more pieces can be added to represent a growing family heirloom. A wonderful thank you to a loved one, a celebration of a new family member.

  • Embellish your Sarah Bangle with a Koolaman designs unique hand-stamped sterling silver pendant to complete your bracelet.
  • The Eliza pendant (1.4cm) fits up to 16 characters or the Ruby pendant (1.9cm) fits 21 characters around the pendant or Emma heart 2.4cm (h) x 2.0cm (w) fit s 10 characters on either side of the heart or 12 across the middle, or the Lauren pendant 1.9cm (h) and 1.9cm (w) fits 9 characters per row, over four lines or the Estelle 2.4cm (h) x 2.0cm (w) pendant fits up to 12 characters over 4 lines. Alternatively select another pendant from the Koolaman collection or wear it plain.
  • The Sarah bangle is a standard 6.5cm in diameter.
  • Created using sterling silver
  • Hand-stamping is included in the price of the pendant

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